Hosted Buyers Programme

Thanks to HELEXPO's international partnerships and interconnections, the invitation and attraction of numerous Hosted Buyers to the company's exhibition events is the starting point of a profitable and meaningful process for each exhibitor.


The Hosted Buyers program is essentially the catalyst through which exhibitors can market and promote their product, cost effectively and time efficiently to worldwide markets, which in other circumstances, it would be extremely costly or even impossible.

It is an initiative of HELEXPO implemented in house, under the supervision of the Institute for Business and Exhibition Research and Development (IEE).


This year's international buyers program is particularly rich since a great number of individual hosted buyers from 3 continents and 23 countries will participate in the exhibition.

In addition, hundreds of potential buyers from Albania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia have been invited as semi-buyers.

Business meetings (b2b) are taking place in the exhibition booths organized by the company's Trade Visitors Department during the first 2-3 days of the exhibition, 27/1, 28/1 & 29/1.

For more information, you may contact the relevant department.


Tel. +30 2310 291590