Conference - New Agriculture - New Cooperatives

Towards a new paradigm of collaboration for the new generation.


Friday 31 /1/2020

Hall “Aimilios Riadis


The cooperative movement in Greece has been the subject of discussion and renegotiation in recent years by area experts, economists, and institutional representatives.

Recent studies on rural cooperatives in Greece reveal the main causes of their collapse: stateism, partisanship, institutional ambiguity, a lack of cooperative consciousness, inadequate education and training. In response to the fragmented agricultural sector, experts suggest reorganizing the rural cooperatives and shifting towards competitive collective actions and new cooperative schemes.

In order to strengthen the Greek rural areas and to fully develop the potential of the agrifood sector, there is a need to create a new narrative for a new form of collectivity in the primary sector and in agrifood: a new model for cooperation. In the core of this new model, the cooperative should emerge as a business need and a tool to address the challenges of primary production.

Τhe conference seeks to contribute to a new, healthy, creative dialogue on the role of the cooperative as a leverage for the development of the agrifood sector. Looking at the new generation of farmers and cooperatives, the conference highlights best practices from Greece and abroad, utilizing the failures of the past as a learning tool for further development.

Greek and foreign experts from Europe and the United States of America, partners and researchers, share knowledge and experience and form a new platform for the design of competitive cooperative schemes, which will serve as tools for the development of both the industry and the country as a whole.