About Events in Agrotica 2016

The 26th Agrotica was rich not only in participants and visitors, but also in interesting parallel events, where the future of agriculture was presented.

The important of the agri-nutritional sector, the problems facing agricultural production in our country and the prospects for the cultivation and marketing of fruit and vegetables were at the focus of the 6th Agrotica Pan-Hellenic Conference titled 'New Technologies and Prospects in the Cultivation of Fruit and Vegetables', which was attended by 750 participants. The 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference was jointly organised by TIF-Helexpo and the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and was held at 'N. Germanos' Congress Centre. The Conference was supported by the Greek Society for Horticultural Science (EEEO) and sponsored by YARA industries. The field of fruit and vegetables is of major interest for entrepreneurial agriculture, with continuous increase in the quality and quantity of production. The fruit and vegetable sector plays an important role for the plant production of Greece, corresponding to 1.8-2 billion euros of the total plant production valued at 7 billion euros; however, progress still needs to be made before the sector can reach its true potential. This year, the conference included speeches by Russian professors of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, located in Moscow. More specifically, Gins Murat Sabirovich, Professor in Biology, Russian Academy of Science, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and Elena N. Pakina, Associate Professor, Agro Biotechnological Department, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, gave speeches on 'Vegetable crops as source of raw material for functional food production' and on 'Biological means of pest management in control environment', respectively.

The colloquium titled 'Developmental Challenges for a Sustainable Food Supply Chain', jointly organised by TIF-Helexpo and GAIA Epichirin, was of particular interest. During the event, it was pointed out that the approximately 20 billion euros of the two pillars of the New Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provide an exceptional opportunity for the rebirth of the agricultural sector at a time when Greece must establish a national plan for the restructuring of agriculture and stockbreeding.

Another colloquium titled 'Common Agricultural Policy: Development-Challenges-Prospects', jointly organised by TIF-Helexpo and the Greek Association of Agricultural Economists, was held within the framework of Agrotica; speakers included scientists who are acclaimed at the European and international level as experts on the Common Agricultural Policy.

The other parallel events held included the following:

  • The Institute of Agricultural Sciences organised a colloquium titled: Growth Prospects of Apiculture to Enhance Rural Entrepreneurship.
  • The Hellenic Fertilizer Association organised a colloquium titled 'Fertilizer... The Food of our Food'.
  • The Geotechnical Chamber of Greece organised a colloquium titled 'The development of the Greek countryside through the new RDP tools'.
  • The company Basf Hellas Industrial & Commercial S.A. organised an event titled 'Basf plastic additives for bigger yields and longer protection of greenhouse leaves', while the company Marathon Data Systems held an event titled 'Prospects and Applications of ArcGIS Geographical Information Systems’.

Moreover, the company Agrotech S.A.E. held an event titled 'Farmer Taxation - Issues and Concerns', the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving held an event titled ‘Plantations of Short-Rotation Woody Forest Species for the Production of Biomass and Thermal Uses’ and Basf Hellas held an event titled ‘BASF minerals and additives for optimal fertilization and plant protection’.

Additionally, the Hellenic Crop Protection Association - Greek Seed Trade Association organised a colloquium titled 'Contribution of agricultural inputs to the coverage of nutritional needs, Prospects and dynamism of Greek agriculture', the 'Greek Farmer' agency organised an event titled 'Agriculturally beneficial micro-organisms and their importance for increasing land fertility, plant Protection, increasing Yields, Superstar - A new fertilization trend’, Agrostis, Ecodevelopment S.A. and Geosense jointly organised an event titled 'Farming Intelligence: Agriculture - Technology - Innovation', while the Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group held a corporate event.

TIF-Helexpo is renewing its exhibition 'date' with the world of the primary sector for February 2017, with the organisation of the 10th 'Zootechnia' International Fair for Livestock and Poultry