The 25th AGROTICA, held from 30 January to 2 February 2014, welcomed a record number of visitors, with 121,699 visitors, far exceeding the historic record of 102,439 visitors in 1996. It should be noted that on the Saturday of the exhibition, the number of visitors came to 50,359, a record number in terms of daily attendance only equaled during the second Sunday of the September General Fair in 1998.

There was a 270% increase in the number of visitors from the general public in relation to AGROTICA 2012, even though that event had lasted a day longer. The response of domestic trade visitors was also much larger, with a 169% increase compared to 2012. Attendance by foreign trade visitors, coming from 32 countries, was also significant. During the exhibition, new agreements and partnerships were concluded, while groups of entrepreneurs and farmers from Turkey, FYROM, Albania and Cyprus visited the exhibition. Over 70% of visitors came from regions beyond Thessaloniki and over 20% came from the Balkans and abroad in general. The 25th AGROTICA covered 31,000 m2 of exhibition space, as compared to 15,100 m2 at the previous exhibition (2012) and featured 1,321 exhibitors, as compared to just 745 in 2012. Of these 1,321 exhibitors, 496 were Greek and 825 were foreign.

The success of the event is also proven by the fact that approximately nine out of ten exhibitors have decided to repeat their participation at the next AGROTICA, while a similar number of exhibitors believe that their participation will result in further activity for their enterprise in the future. The overall picture indicates a good and very good degree of accomplishment of the initial goals set by the enterprises that participated in AGROTICA, such as providing and receiving information, promoting their businesses and creating contacts with new clients.  

Among other things, 100% of foreign trade visitors considered the meetings they attended with exhibitors during the exhibition to have been fruitful.